I've had a Bryton Rider 310 for 2 years and it's been very good and not expensive. Only Garmin Segments work in parallel to navigation. Relative Effort, found on the activity details page, measures how much cardiovascular work went into any activity that has heart rate data or Perceived Exertion. See performance updates on your favorite segments as you ride them. Wahoo Fitness is a tech-fitness company that specializes in indoor bike trainers, GPS bike computers, heart rate monitors, apps, and sensors for cyclists, runners, and fitness enthusiasts. Learn More I bought this to use for Strava Live Segments. @Bayley89 @Strava will you ever have support for @huawei health, I've kinda gone strava dark since I got my new huawei phone and with strava not working on it. The side effect of having the resolution low, particularly with segments with sharp bends or are near other segments, is that it might think you're off course and not count it. WAHOO devices do not sync DOWNHILL Strava Live Segments and potential buyers should be aware. As a newcomer, they’ve done pretty well in terms of build quality, design, and triathlon features. Also working to improve the social training experience, although this time inside, indoor trainer maker Wahoo has paired up with Zwift via a new firmware update to their smart trainers to take virtual social training up a notch with more integrated control and ride feel. This just stopped working a few days ago. Bryton seems to be about half the price of Garmin and Polar. Good, responsive training tool 6. Check out the full list of updates in this release at Wahoo’s website. The Wahoo Elemnt Rival marks Wahoo’s entry into the GPS sports watch market. ADDED: map support for larger tiles (required for new map updates) FIXED: text capitalization on sensor discovery screen During the setup of your ELEMNT, you can enable syncing with Strava. Once synced, simply select a route to start navigation. If so, return to Settings and select Strava Live Segments once more to find the following screen: Make sure ENABLE LIVE SEGMENTS is selected along with any other desired options Strava segments will work when following a course provided that the course was created on Strava and loaded to the Edge using the Strava Route app. 2020-12-08 22:23:24 @agherzan @SyncMyTracks Strava "Yoga" workouts end up as "Other" in Garmin Connect. When you use the navigate function to follow a course, Strava segments do not work. Strava Live Segments. Please be aware that Live Segments are only available for riding and running activities. A short and hard activity can require just as much effort as a long and leisurely one, and Relative Effort makes it … Great route catalogue tool 4. After a week of struggling with its arcane documentation it still doesn’t work. We might be past peak Strava segment hunting (question mark? Great route grabbing and route creation functionalities 3. Sim-MH 11 months ago +2 verified. Record with the Wahoo ELEMNT and automatically upload your activities to Strava from the Wahoo ELEMNT app on iOS or Android. Of course, in order to get Strava’s Live Segments, you’ll need a premium membership, which generally runs you around $59 per year. Internet connection via SIM card or WiFi 5. I have contacted Strava Support several times but they always answer with this general statement: ‘At this time, we do not sync downhill segments to devices for Strava Live Segments. Strava Routes not syncing to Wahoo Elemnt This just started happening - when I create a route in Strava and then hit sync on my Elemnt the route never makes it to the device. 1. It would also be interesting to see if having the segment starred in Strava and having live segments enabled on the Wahoo affects this. At Wahoo, we are dedicated not only to capturing and measuring your workout data, but also to helping you understand what the data means and how you can reach your personal best. Want to connect with other Wahooligans, see how you stack up on our leaderboard, receive exclusive Wahooligan content and challenges? Some cool, innovative data displays 7. I'd buy another 310 from Aliexpress. The Edge 520 Plus offers live segments via Strava that help you pace your efforts in real time. Together, Wahoo and Strava bring you Live Segments, the most popular segments on a route, along which you can compete for the fastest time and become KOM/QOM (you even get a little crown by your name on the screen). Strava Live Segments. Once complete, back on the Settings page, select Strava Live Segments. A little over a week ago Wahoo Fitness released the Strava Segments app.. It was ironically just shy of a year ago that I previewed the app at the time of the KICKR unveiling at Eurobike. Downhill and similarly steep descending segments will not be synced. ), but segments are something many of us still incorporate into our riding. Wahoo Fitness specializes in indoor bike trainers, GPS bike computers, cycling sensors & heart rate monitors designed to optimize your cycling training. The documentation is severely lacking about Strava Segments. But, Wahoo is offering a free 60-day membership with the purchase of an ELEMNT for users who don’t already have a premium Strava account. Note: Strava routes are not synced automatically, so the sync process must be repeated for new routes to appear. The words are copied straight from the wahoo support page. No issues with Strava, I've not used live segments, i tend to look at segments after. It needed a 3-hour software upgrade right out of the box, and another one today. Update for Strava’s new Live Segments API: Segments with an average grade lower than -.25% are no longer supported by Strava … Easy setup On first open, you may see a prompt to ensure your Strava account is premium. They’re also available on selected Garmin , Lezyne, Mio, Polar, Wahoo and Sigma devices. Since then the app has received a bit of polish, as well as updating to minimize issues related to bad GPS data making it difficult to ride routes. Live Segments Now that you’re mixing things up, why not add a little friendly competition? Won’t I … Sync time depends on the number of routes in your route library and typically takes just a few minutes. Awesome piece of hardware and a touchscreen that works, even for navigation 2. Strava Live Segments will work if you’re using the app on your phone. Update for Strava's new Live Segments API: Segments with an average grade lower than -.25% are no longer supported by Strava due to safety concerns. Join the Wahoo Fitness Strava Club. Newer and more expensive models available The Strava Live Segments feature brings the experience of competing on a segment to these compatible GPS devices. Get alerted as you approach the start of a segment and then check how you're stacking up against your PR, nearest Strava friend or the overall leader as you ride. If you didn't enable syncing during setup, you can link your accounts from your Profile: Check out the full details on both after the break… Strava Live

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