But this brings to the next point – rain protection. The sternum straps uses magnetic fidlocks as buckles which are a breeze to use. The Errant’s laptop sleeve is built into the clamshell opening and while it’s marketed to fit up to a 17” laptop, I found that it more comfortably fits a 15" one. Copyright © 2021 Tech Jio. Even with that full end of the world, tech and camera kit that I listed above, the Errant is incredibly comfortable to wear. Find out in this video review… Salkan Backpacker: Review. With a rating of 92, the Boundary Supply Errant has performed well against our rating system. The fidlocks sometimes do not snap well because they aren’t well aligned. I was going to try to keep the suspense going till closer to the end of this but after looking over the points, it wouldn’t be a surprise. Find out in this video review… Check out @moshi’s r, This is the Supernova chair from a new gaming chai, The @satechi Trio Wireless Charger has gorgeous Ap, [GIVEAWAY - CLOSED] It’s Christmas tom, Did you know that @sudio has redesigned the packag, The @audiotechnicasea ATH-G1 is the wired version, Review: Marshall Major IV On-Ear Headphones, Review: Moshi Symbus Q 2.0 – USB-C Dock with Wireless Charging, New JBL and Harman Kardon products unveiled at CES 2021, ASUS and ROG announces new products at CES 2021, LG wearable air purifier mask, LG PuriCare is now available, Amazfit GTR 2e and GTS 2e now available on Shopee, Urbanista introduces new Urbanista Miami Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, How to mod your SuperSolid DT-001 keyboard, How to choose your Martiangear chair (and get S$50 off! I really enjoy the internal organisation of the bag. Aesthetically, the black bag has a minimal aesthetic and can fit in well in a tech or startup environment but I don’t think it would fit as well in corporate meetings. As a community, we want to share the great content we create with everyone. Boundary Supply may have perfected the one-backpack quiver. One of the things that made the Prima System so pleasant to use was the Fidlock magnetic V-buckles keeping its top flap closed. Construction: 5 of 5 — Like I said before, Boundary Supply knows how to make bags. An extremely versatile and feature rich bag that doesn’t look half bad, the Errant has lots of organization in an innovative pack for everyday use. Boundary Systems takes a consultative approach to all of the products we offer. I needed the pack to perform at a high level due to the rigors of the ride and the need to protect the Canon.I packed the Errant Pack full with my DSLR, GoPro, selfie stick, Honey Stinger Waffles, LifeProof Charging pack, a ton of water and set off hoping for the best. However, if you zip the top flap all the time, then it kinda defeats the purpose of a quick-access top flap. There’s also a dedicated place for your tablet and two additional flat mesh pockets for extra electronics. Aer Travel Pack 2: Review. One is a velcro opening to store the luggage pass through strap, the other is the passport pocket. This is definitely a better choice than traditional buckles. When I had both sides of the sternum strap (more on that later), I used it pretty regularly to distribute the weight on my shoulders. Boundary is a very good $200 bag that I think many will be happy with for a very long time — it's just not Peak Design good. Share ... Read 1 more review about Boundary Supply The Definitive Guide that You Never Wanted: Anatomy of a Backpack, The Definitive Guide that You Never Wanted: Fitting and Adjusting Your Backpack, Tom Bihn Synapse 19 — Comprehensive Review, Travelab Freedom Pack and PNW Sea to Sky — Comparative Review of Packable Backpacks, GROUNDTRUTH RIKR Backpack Review: A Technical Pack Made With 100% Recycled Materials, 24L of capacity (but in practice, feels more 20–21L), 500D Kodra nylon exterior with 420 High Tenacity Hypalon panels, 210D Kodra nylon interior lining (there’s also, Top-loading magnetic flap and back-loading clam-shell opening, Front zipped pocket, side vertical organizer pocket, hidden back panel pocket, and side water bottle pocket, Suspended laptop/tablet slots, internal top zipped pouch, and 2 internal side mesh slots, Firmly padded straps and back panel, height-adjustable and removable sternum straps, and removable waist belt straps. First, let’s talk about durability. Errant is a tough, sleek, versatile bag to use for work and travel. It’s a pretty comfortable bag that has a firm, molded back panel with mesh ventilation. However, the use of fidlocks can come with some drawback. That’s not to say it’s a terrible bag (many people will find this bag appealing), but for me the inconveniences are hard to ignore. Boundary Supply Takes Bad Reviews Down from Their Website. A zippered mesh pocket sits at the top of this section of the bag where I stored everything else that didn’t have a designated place. It has happened for me, but so far once in the span of five months. This took me quite a while to get used to as I always swing my bag on my right. For the DIY key clip, could you provide the technical details for the fidlock (dimensions etc) and where you ordered it from? The water bottle pocket is deep enough to fit most bottles, and if you’re storing a gimbal or tripod there there is a nylon strap at the top to secure it. As for the back panel, it’s ridged and contoured to provide better airflow and fit. Moving onto the clamshell access to the Errant, again, this is an easier way to access contents in the bag while leaving the top flap closed. Boundary Supply is a company out of Salt Lake City Utah, known for their innovative modular style backpacks. One issue with the Errant is that using the external compartments eat into the interior space. On the bottom of the bag, there’s a place to put your shoes or any wet items. Next, I feel that weight distribution may not be the best if you carry heavy load and not use the sternum straps. My review is gone. The Errant is a follow up to their very popular Prima pack and associated prima system and aimed to be a more slimmed down everyday backpack. With their first bag being one of our most highly rated, we were so excited for the Errant that both HL and I backed it. Despite my rough use during my travels, it still feels new and will last a long time. The entire weight feels pressed against my shoulders. Be it putting the Errant down on muddy ground, gravel, wet pavements – I was not worried at all. It’s a whatever-you-want-it-to-be backpack because it’s totally modular. People who like to keep their bag contents neat will love what you can do with this bag. Utah-based Boundary returns with Errant, an excellent everyday backpack that could easily cost more than the early bird pricing of $100, and retail price of $150. Fluid organization, modular components, and effortless access keep creative tools organized, camera gear at hand, and a space for anything and everything. The sternum straps are removable. One of my favorites. However, once I added the sternum strap, I felt that the weight on my shoulders are reduced, and that the weight is better distributed. But if I’m planning on carrying a heavy load, I will definitely use the sternum straps. But how does it perform when put to the test? Depending on the thickness of the belt you want to use, you could get either the “0.5-1.5mm” or the “2.8-4mm”. Utility: 3.5 of 5 — This bag is compatible with an ecosystem of modular components so I’ve bumped the score up 0.5 but if they executed the magnets better, I would’ve scored it higher. You have to fidget with them to have them both secured and then pull down on the flap to release them. However, massive stars taken out for their horrible fulfillment and shipping practices. But how does it perform when put to the test? Personally, I do feel the use of fidlocks on the bag is still a great choice as the speed of opening and closing the flap is really fast once you get used to it. Simpler bags with high quality materials, like the EVERGOODS CPL24, can cost more but have fewer features. The magnet keeping your tablet secure is just flat, circular magnets sewn into the fabric but it’s curiously strong. Customer service is ok. For external quick access, there’s a side pocket with a place for a magnetic key leash, multiple pens, and two slip pockets for anything else you may need for a daily commute. The Errant Pack is Boundary Supply’s second backpack launched on Kickstarter back in the summer of 2018. Boundary Supply Errant: Review. Boundary Supply is a company out of Salt Lake City Utah, known for their innovative modular style backpacks. Apart from the top flap opening, the Errant can also be opened clamshell mode, like a luggage. I reviewed every comment they had. It does feel very durable and sturdy. Personally I found the fidlock to be a hassle to use every time I want to take out my laptop. Less than a second and I have opened the top flap and ready to access whatever I want in the bag. I used the Errant for all my trips, and may have brought it through some rough conditions. A the base of the bag, you have a wet/dry storage. Following the success of their first product, the Prima System, this campaign’s funding was… It packs great internal organisation and is made from top quality materials. My laptop is mostly fine but since then, my right arrow key pops off from time to time. Thanks for the review and feedback David. The top-loading magnetic flap was one of the hardest things to overcome with the Errant. I have the Errant with (now) both camera inserts, plus their Tote bag, their small EDC and their new Rennen. This backpack includes a padded laptop compartment, which is pretty much a necessity for travel backpacks these days. X-Factor: 3 of 5 — While there was hype around this bag, I think it mostly came from how well designed the Prima System was. In response: Boundary started with a couple excuses to defuse (laptops 17" in length, not screen size; 17" laptops can technically fit in the main compartment if placed diagonally, lmao), followed by complaints and reviews such as this reviews such as this (hats off to tofufaaa) showing that thicc 15.6" laptops don't fit. Why didn’t they just use a couple of these magnets for the top flap?! The Errant from Boundary Supply is a beautiful blend of both. loved the review! Boundary Supply’s Errant pack is a step in the right direction but like others have stated, this would have been the perfect pack if they corrected the issues of: 1. Facebook; Instagram; What started as a small Facebook group has turned into a community of thousands of members. I received my Errant back in February 2019. Yes. TLDR: bag is great, especially if you knew what you were getting yourself into (based on the marketing). We hope you get great use out of your Errant and please don't hesitate to reach back out to us if you have any issues in the future! So this means the 24L as advertised will be less if you do use a lot the exterior compartments. Customer service is ok. Get reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more for Boundary Systems at 7055 Engle Rd Ste 601, Cleveland, OH 44130. Organization: 4 of 5 — It has enough dedicated pockets for regular EDC use. When theaters were still open, I went to see the musical Be More Chill (highly recommended when the world opens back up) and had placed my bag under my seat with the strap side down. These took a while to get used to and drastically ruined the experience of using this pack. Boundary Supply’s Errant Pack was highly backed on Kickstarter because it presented great value – good functionality, top-quality materials accompanied with affordable pricing. This is my DIY key clip – made from an old lanyard and a male fidlock attachment: On the back panel of the bag, there are two compartments on the sides. The large mesh pocket at the top is a thoughtful compartment – for you to put any items you do not want to be be mixing around in the main space and get missing. Boundary Supply has since released a few more bags but after that pretty stellar review of the Prima system, HL and I set out to discover if the Errant Pack is a worthy successor. It’s a whatever-you-want-it-to-be backpack because it’s totally modular. For example, if you have a lot of things chucked in the quick access pocket, then you will have lesser space in the main area. aesthetic. One time, I was out to lunch with some friends and needed to grab my laptop to show them something. First off, the quality of Boundary Supply is incredible. The passport pocket is quite deep and I found it very handy for keeping my passport securely during my travels. I received my Errant … The magnetic snaps make the bag difficult to close as the Hypalon fabric used is not very forgiving. However, Errant does check many of my boxes when finding a tough, sleek, versatile bag to use for work and travel. Archived. I got the Errant Lunch pack for christmas which is made to fit the bottom compartment of the Errant and it fits horribly with my 15" laptop and iPad in it. There were also fulfillment delays and unmet expectations that caused grief among many backers and somewhat tarnished the experience of an otherwise high quality product. The Boundary Supply Errant Pack is designed to excel as an everyday backpack, keeping gear well organized and accessible in a sleek and durable design. This makes it easy to pack and access your items. The workspace has a laptop sleeve which fits a 15″ MacBook Pro snuggly and a tablet sleeve. I had no issues with rain as well. These pockets are really great to because you can securely place things such as power banks, calculators, lens, charging cable, mouse, etc. Again, Boundary has given you a lot of organisation flexibility with the interior of this bag. You can buy them right of Boundary’s website at USD$130 (enjoy 5% off if you use code TECHJIO), but shipping charges do apply. Let’s talk features by talking about the exterior of the pack, then getting inside the pack. Design is a personal thing, but it sure looks good to me. That’s what I imagine, and I wonder how you attach these two parts. Best time to buy your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, The @realme_singapore 7 Pro offers good bang for y, Fancy a pair of on-ear headphones? Fidlocks are simply a breeze to use. After lifting the top flap, you can see a zipper which leads to a small pocket. Laser cut Hypalon is wrapped around our lightweight G-Clip and just long enough to secure your keys in your back pocket. I have the Errant with (now) both camera inserts, plus their Tote bag, their small EDC and their new Rennen. You can check out the full list of materials used below here: And are these materials any good? The main area has a large mesh pocket at the top, with a huge space behind it that comes with two side mesh pockets. I really like the minimal and sleek design of the Errant, and the quality of materials Boundary used to construct the bag. Review and AMA! This is largely thanks to the excellent padding system on the back and the quality of the thick padded shoulder straps. But what I mean is: does the snap have 2 parts? Boundary Supply Backpack Integrative Fieldspace Travel Organizer. However, the combination of all these things caused my laptop to fall out of the bag. The tablet sleeve is secured by a round magnet while the laptop sleeve by a magnetic fidlock. Also, it by using the bag’s main zippers you can easily access it. The Errant’s sleek and minimal design adapts to … There is also the X-Pac version which is the more expensive model due to a more premium fabric (X-Pac) used which has Kevlar fibers for reinforcement and slash resistance. This means that if you want to access it, you have to swing the bag on your left shoulder. Also, with its top-loading magnetic flap and YKK Stormguard Zippers, this bag kept all of my stuff dry in the rain. So if you have big shoes, it might not be able to fit. I didn’t use this pocket as it took up too much volume in the main compartment. If you pack too much in the bag, it forces these magnets out of alignment making them even harder to close and reduces the number of things you can carry. Because of that, I backed an Obsidian Black color Errant. I couldn’t find anything wrong with the way they constructed the Errant. For those who prefer it, the shoulder straps are pretty stiff and provide support but they’re attached pretty close together and may pinch the back your neck depending on your frame and how you wear it. After using my Errant extensively – school, daily commute and travelling, I am ready to give a proper review on Boundary Supply’s Errant Pack. It’s also important to note that because the laptop sleeve is not separate from main compartment, when the stretchy mesh pockets are occupied, it can be awkward to top load with flat items since the accessories will protrude into that space. Inside the main compartment, there are two mesh pockets on either side where I kept my laptop charger and mouse. The quick access pocket is located on left of the bag (when carrying). Do you need some special tool for it? Even though it’s built of super durable ethical materials, it would be nice if … Use the code "DAYTRIPPIN" at check out after adding both items to cart. I needed the pack to perform at a high level due to the rigors of the ride and the need to protect the Canon.I packed the Errant Pack full with my DSLR, GoPro, selfie stick, Honey Stinger Waffles, LifeProof Charging pack, a ton of water and set off hoping for the best. This thing is a camera backpack, a laptop backpack, a hiking backpack. Quick Overview 24L of capacity (but in practice, feels more 20–21L) Boundary Supply knows how to construct a backpack. The only place it really didn’t hit top marks was the value for money department. For me, I hook a ND filter pouch on the nylon strap so I can easily access my ND filters. The benefits that the Errant provides far outweighs the cons I have about this bag. If you’re a sucker for everything well-packed and organised – this is your bag. First off, the quality of Boundary Supply is incredible. Along the top flap, you’ll find zippers to securely zip it. That is probably a drawback of the sleek design. Boundary Supply used pretty good materials on this bag. The quick access pocket features two pens slots, two wider slots, a lash point, and a female fidlock attachment. Watch it now! Or something else? And for USD$130, I think it is a great value bag and if whatever I described above fits your needs, I don’t think you will regret your purchase. Additionally, there’s an external water bottle pocket that stays slim when not in use but can fit a 1L Nalgene bottle. You will be glad to know that the laptop sleeve has a false bottom which means the base of the laptop sleeve is not the base of the bag (so your laptop will not be hitting the floor when you put the bag on the floor). They actually added a convenient magnetic strap to the side of the bag that helps to prevent the clamshell from falling open completely. Sadly, that’s where I lost one side of my sternum strap rendering it no longer functional. For me, I use that compartment to store my umbrella. Boundary Supply clearly have the style conscious (or vain) traveller in mind and the errant goes for a sleek, minimalist, cool (even serious?) The magnet keeping your laptop secure requires a bit of a pinch to release. Initially when I first received the pack, the straps are a little too dense but after breaking them in, it’s softer now and more comfortable to use. I got used to accessing my things through the clamshell opening and relying on the magnetic strap to keep one side closed to ensure that all of the contents of my bag didn’t go spilling out everywhere. Boundary is actually quite thoughtful by adding many lash points at the front of the bag. Don't say bojio! But I’m pleased to say that my Errant is still holding up very well and I am impressed by the build quality of the Errant. The Boundary Errant sits comfortably for maximum support. The top flap is surprisingly convenient to open for me as well. Though the bag now retails at $160, it’s still a good price point. The Errant is a follow up to their very popular Prima pack and associated prima system and aimed to be a more slimmed down everyday backpack. Join us on the hunt for the perfect pack. You should be getting the “SNAP MALE SCREW S, Magnetic Fidlock for material”. This pocket is lined with nywool which is meant for you to store more delicate items like sunglasses. Boundary Supply Takes Bad Reviews Down from Their Website. So after holding out hope for a year, in-spite Boundary Supply's attempts to provide no customer service at all, I am left with a lack-luster, over-hyped, under-sized, stiff pair of jeans.

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