6.30 Uhr. What a wonderful way to exercise the brain! I look back to my primary school teacher’s dictum (I am 75 yrs now- so no one can thumb their nose at my teacher) was dd/mm/yy. The above solution has not worked for me yes, i can change the cell format to UK (rest of the world other than the Stupid USA) date format. When I write a check, that is how I place the date. AND be sure that the commas are in if you wrote the month in letters failing which your knuckles will have an appointment with the teacher’s ruler. Also: the 12 April 2012 format is routinely used by American genealogists when they write; I know because my sister happens to be one. Took a bit but you learn by error. I’ve just read this extraordinarily rude and ill-mannered reply. New York Times outliers: “maths,” “trainers” and “mate”, http://www.usa.gov/Topics/Independence-Day.shtml, http://www.ushistory.org/declaration/document/scan.htm, Cách viết ngày tháng ở các nước khác nhau trên thế giới, “What we were able to provide our young men during an abbreviated season was a little bit of special”—U. “In the United Kingdom and, in fact, most of the rest of the world, today’s date would be indicated 9 April 2012…” -britishisms.wordpress.com. In Britain we tend to say the 25th of December. I’ve had a love/hate affair with this since my early twenties when I spent three years in France. However, my personal style is to use decimals rather than slashes to separate the year, the month, and the day. True, American historians attempting to appeal to the masses may revert to April 12, 2012, but those writing for scholarly journals will not. There is an order: some days are a month, some months are a year. numeric dates and verbal constructs: STEP 2: Scroll to the very bottom, and select Change date and time formats. The American format did not cause as much confusion as the date was usually written out in full. And your argument doesn’t apply to the other examples. I THORT Canada followed UK format (dd-mm-yy) and was horrified this evening (11th october) to hear chortling news item on CTV about this date reading 10-11-12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s a larf! And never will. *MDY => MM/DD/YY Thus, if you're currently in the US, 06-Aug-2019 will be put as 8/6/2019 in your sheet, while for the UK it'll be … I send out a membership list … The other variant is relative; this one is also used for multiples of five minutes. I only use purely numerical formats when the reader is not North American. Huh? Though possibly I’m a cult of one in thinking so. How can I change the date format to the desired format? In spoken language, the 24-hour clock has become the dominant form during the second half of the 20th century[citation needed], especially for formal announcements and exact points in time. In an effort to avoid international miscommunication, the International Standard ISO 8601 was created. The problem is knowing which is which…uh oh. In the UK, anyone who reaches 100 years old gets a telegram from the queen. Dates and now side of the road? The same way of giving the time is used also in Slovenia (of course using Slovenian language) perhaps as the remnant of the old Austro-Hungarian times. It struck me (and my mirror) at the same time that we needed better road rules. 01/02/2007 will January 2nd, 2007. However, others hang on to old habits. Hi John – I’ve lived in London for nearly 10 years and would concur with your conclusions (except for the reference to the “Colonies” :)), most of which I noted myself in my own comment. It’s a not true about Belize though, it’s a British colony and write their date like the brits do. However, I bet all the countries he once ruled now use the Euro numeric. I doubt it would have been adopted as shorthand — of if it had been, adopted as readily — if it didn’t jive so nicely with the U.S.’s 911 emergency number. Another important thing to keep in mind is your spreadsheet locale. How can some NOOB contributors be so dumb? If you write DD.MM.YYYY, or DD/MM/YYYY, or with commas, or however, that’s ok, too! If you have an enquiry or are looking for some information then please type a question or keyword(s) into the box provided, and we will return a list of articles to help you. BTW – the Japanese use yyyy-mm-dd, the only non-technical use I’ve seen. Excel VBA Format Date. So today would be written as 2012.04.10. Our customer has MS project 2007 version, hence I tried to save the plan in project 2013 as 2007 file. By default, Windows formats dates with slashes (3/23/16). In most Post-Soviet states DD.MM.YYYY format is used with dots as separators and with leading zeros. By the leftmost(first) character of course! Just the other day I was driving towards a knight who got pissy, veered to my right and lopped off my side mirror. ISO is the better way. When pasted, they looked the same (dd/mm/yyyy) and the formatting for the filled cells was "General." Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. so 25jun16. US date format versus European format. The travel industry is the same way everything is day first then month then year. A descending hierarchy makes the most logical sense when referring to orders of time. I use the format …eg for today…09 IV 2012. 1. True?). Over time, I have come to favour the IBM date format standards used on the iSeries computers where the format code specifies both the order of fields and the delimiter: We tend to think (as in most things) that we are doing it the “normal” way, but, Europe Blog notes, “The only countries that do not share the European date format in fact are the US, Philippines, Palau, the Federated States of Micronesia, Canada and Belize.”, (Interestingly, the blog goes on, the European Union and other international organizations do not use the European style but rather the “‘ISO 8601’ standard date format. Is there a way to apply this date format in MS project 2013 ? Think about a lot of documents are the same way Year Month day or Day month year. The most significant digits come first, not last! The only downside would be that blog posts such as this couldn’t be written and enjoyed. Since portions of the population continued to use the old format, the traditional format was re-introduced as alternative to the standard yyyy-mm-dd format to DIN 5008 in 2001 and DIN ISO 8601 in September 2006 but its usage is restricted to contexts where misinterpretation cannot occur. Also, what is the source of the illustration? As with most things in life, what one objects to is whatever’s at variance with what one grew up with. In German-speaking Switzerland, only the 12-hour clock is used in everyday speech[citation needed]. My wife just went on a first aid course and was told it’s now 112…… If you are working in an international coordinate company, you may suffer with the problem that convert Euro date format to US date format. In Excel I have a series of filters, one of which uses a date in dd/mm/yyyy format. Try the Indian numerical system. But that’s just me… But I think that may be based on the precedent of saying “September 11th” rather than “11th September”. Your comment about the ‘”9/11″ precedent’ intrigued me because it left me wondering whether you were aware of the significance of 911 in the U.S. (It’s the nationally recognized number to dial in an emergency. So frustrated. Thousands of high school and college students are no doubt writing MLA-formatted essays right now. Creates a date value from a textual representation, text, following ISO 8601 format standard.An optional culture may also be provided (for example, "en-US").. Date.FromText("2010-02-19") // Date… This natural order (not the European one) is used in China and Japan. Should ever be forgot. Applying logic in encoding data nurtures critical intelligence. ( Log Out /  With respect to the European and American date formats — and 24-hour versus AM/PM clocks — appeals to logic are very much beside the point. While this clarification calms down my inclination to conspiracy theory I still see risks in research using the dd/mm/year when it comes to data. Big OOps in Canada….. JOHN – but we live in a world now. I’m in the US Military and prefer to write the format at 10APR12 or 10 April 2012. Eurostyle is logical … preceding from the smallest to the largest unit. Official EU documents still tend to use DD.MM.YYYY but one document specifies the use of ISO 8601: "Dates should be formatted by the following format: YYYY-MM-DD."[1]. I made a personal switch to the metric system when I was at a healthcare organization and all the physicians had to refer to different things as ##cm or ##mm for various sizes of lacerations or abnormal growths that are removed. But when giving the date in full, you can just as easily say July 4th 2012 as 4th July 2012, without its sounding in the slightest unnatural or affected. If this is the case, realize this is controlled outside of PostureScreen Mobile on the device OS itself. And Americans are not about to switch to the metric system or drive on the other side of the road. Get it right! In the Region and Language dialog box, select the Format … Remember, this is 2016. We could all be speaking Esperanto, too. If the files are saved with names in ISO 8601 format (i.e., 20120120_FILE, 20120415_FILE, and 20121201FILE) they will automatically appear in chronological order when you view the file listing in the directory where they have been saved. Fortunately, converting the date format dd/mm/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy is simple. Consider, for example, reports of three events that occur on January 20, April 15, and December 1 of 2012 (or any other year). Change ). They got rid of shilling, fathoms and bushels already. Dezember 1991") continues to use the little-endian order and the ordinal-number dot for the day of the month. I told him in kilos “How much is that in old money?” he asked. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. STEP 3: You can see the current Short date setting is Day-Month-Year. In US, we enter date in Excel as the date format mm/dd/yyyy in generally, but in Euro, the date format usually is dd/mm/yyyy. The term controversy may be appropriate insofar as "relativists" often complain about not being able to decode the "absolute" way of telling the time, resulting in missed appointments etc. And oh yeah: where *did* we get our ridiculously complicated imperial measurement system? – November the 5th (Guy Fawkes Day) Once you see the drop-down box, select "Internet … They were all taught to date their school work dd/mm/yyyy. Er…. : – July the 4th (American Independence Day) I often deal with computer dates so I also write yyyy-mm-dd … 2014-05-04. 112 is the European (or is that international?) Change dates to US format using the Replace button. If it is not declared, the Format function assumes that Sunday is the first day of the week. There are no other meaningful arguments why one way is better than another except maybe “I’m used to it and I’m too lazy to change my crappy ways”. Because this is 2016 and everything is computerized now. I’ve done it both ways, but by preference use the day/month/year format when there is no risk of confusion; i.e., my personal journal. The date order on the card was always Day, Month, Year. In Chinese, this pattern is extended further such that 1:30 pm is read as afternoon, one-thirty. … January 1st; ask someone his birthday and he’ll say month-day-year. I don’t understand why 4/9/12 is ambiguous but 2012-09-04 isn’t. There is only one correct way to write a date, year then month then day. Simplest solution would be for us all to stick with the versions that involve logical progresssions, ie day month year or year month day. Stones, gallons and yards will surely follow. South Africa’s also the only English-speaking country I’ve been to that uses the decimal comma instead of the decimal point. Remember, remember the fifth of November, We’re not weirdos too. Years could be written with two or four digits; the century was sometimes seen being replaced by an apostrophe: "31.12. Unless of course they’re ambidextrous and routinely commute with a .44 Magnum in the glove compartment? A Japanese person reading the generated date 03/04/02 in an English document might mistakenly assume that this used an English ordering. ps. No, that is entirely illogical. However pre-war I believe the date would more commonly have been written in the UK as, July 7th, 1920 – for example. I finally made charts for the consultation rooms to show how big 3cm, 5cm, 7cm, 9cm so doctor would say you have a 2cm mole on your back that we need to take off today. (Call me picky, but hardly a day passes that somebody doesn’t send me an unprovable tall tale about this guy, in a claim that’s more often than not debunked in Snopes. *EUR => DD.MM.CCYY STEP 1: For Windows 10, go to your Search Bar and type Date & Time Settings. I used to fly to America a lot. Like it’s the 35 minute with 12 seconds at 2 o’clock! ... For information about how to format addresses correctly, please use the examples below. “Are you going to Dave’s party on July the 8th?” ( Log Out /  My theory is that Americans use the same format as us but have 31 months, interleaved in a peculiar way. What point are you trying to make, Rizzo? Use a regular expression in MS Word’s Advanced Find/Replace feature to locate all dates in European format. Official EU documents still tend to use DD.MM.YYYY but one document specifies the use of ISO 8601: "Dates should be formatted by the following format: YYYY-MM-DD." I would have to think hard to know what those were was in archaic measures but then I was taught in metric from when I was in my early teens. KW" or "Wir erwarten die Lieferung in KW 49". today is 20 IV ’12. Convert between US and European date formats in Excel Dirk Excel February 27, 2015 October 14, 2015 1 Minute The easiest way I know of (please let me know if you know a better way) to convert between US (“mm/dd/yy”) and European (“dd/mm/yy”) dates without using VBA in Excel is via “Text to Columns”. The Modern Language Association (MLA) format for academic writing in the humanities specifies that dates be given as day month year; today would be 20 September 2014. standard that the UK has now also adopted, although 999 still works. Curiously Americans most often say Fourth of July rather than July Fourth – (as per this US Gov website http://www.usa.gov/Topics/Independence-Day.shtml) a date apparently of some signifance in the Colonies. Elected in sense of choosing, which they did do knowingly but I’m sure with no thought of date formats. (And no, you can’t first go to Google to convert stone to kilos — tell me right now.). When Napoleon took over he stopped that and unified France. In written German, time is expressed almost exclusively in the 24-hour notation (00:00–23:59), using either a colon or a dot on the line as the separators between hours, minutes, and seconds – e.g. As such, the ISO 8601 is: 1. You need to go into the device's Settings app and set (or reset) the localization region format. Isn’t the main issue here the NUMERIC presentation? I wouldn’t say 9/11 is *purely* a reference to the date. In Prussia there are many roads, Each man must find his own way.”. Bendrix: Sam’s point, I believe, is that it’s more logical to go from smallest to largest — or, I would add, from largest to smallest, as per ISO 8601 — than it is to go both backwards and forwards as does the conventional US date style, which if followed for clock times would render your example of “the 12th second of the third minute of the fifth hour” as 03:12:05. For my checks, I write, as an example, 10 April 2012. I have some French colleagues who insert a comma between the day and month in European format, but not sure if that’s a personal quirk or a continental rule. Open a new Internet Explorer browser. European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization, http://wwwu.hak-vk.at/sal/aenderungen_2007.doc, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Date_and_time_notation_in_Europe&oldid=986156857, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2017, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2017, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, “zwei Uhr/zwei/um zwei” (two o’clock), “viertel nach zwei” (quarter past two), “zwanzig nach zwei” (twenty past two) / “zehn vor halb drei” (ten to half three), “fünf vor halb drei” (five to half three), “fünf nach halb drei” (five past half three), “zwanzig vor drei” (twenty to three) / “zehn nach halb drei” (ten past half three), “viertel vor/auf drei” (quarter to three), "drei Uhr/drei/um drei" (three o’clock), This page was last edited on 30 October 2020, at 03:52. No other date format presents the files in such a logical order. The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) adopted ISO 8601 with EN 28601, now EN ISO 8601. There is no usage in which this could mean the ninth of April, 2012. There are so many things that our conservative party refuses to consider to change. I have looked at the main UK dailies and they seem pretty evenly split on their usage (as they are, incidentally, on -ise/-ize: I always use -ize).

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